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On the way to the malllll!

me and jessica...<3

us trying on dresses! haha look at the chick in the back!

all of us..

im like the biggest gangster gee of them all!

jessica's  crime crew!!

isnt jessicas shirt cute? i picked it out and kelcy bought it becuase im cheap!

me thinking....cool huh!?!!?


comment.....else ill never talk to you AGAIN!

okay anyways...the mall was so super fun....i saw 2 of my most faviort jews! and they almost made me have a heart attack i was laffing so hard..annd we came home and my moms like you dont have to come home if you dont want to so i stayed the night as jessicas...she made me brazillin food...yummy...and then her mom was teaching me portachguese....how cool!! k now u can comment
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